About us

We are Blue Ocean Trade. From our home in Cyprus we use our knowledge and experience of the commercial fishing industry to provide fishing companies around the world with expertise, guidance and practical solutions to fishing challenges of every kind.

Our story is of a team who have devoted their lives to fishing, helping to shape the industry as it is today. Our founders built a wide-reaching network of frozen fish producers over many years, developing and nurturing long-lasting, personal relationships with the people behind these businesses.

They established our company to help these friends and partners bring their product to market efficiently and profitably.

Amongst this network of clients was the Lithuania based company, Seafishtrade. Over the years, the relationship between our companies blossomed until, in time, they became our largest client.

On the basis of the trust and friendship between the owners of these two substantial fishing concerns, after some years Blue Ocean Trade accepted the offer to join the Seafishtrade group. This strengthened our resources and opened up access for us to a valuable distribution network across West Africa.

This is Blue Ocean Trade’s story... so far.

With each new day, however, we write the next chapter.


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Our high seas operations

Blue Ocean Trade operates a highly effective network of support and logistics for high seas fishing operations off the coast of West Africa.

Working in a colaboration with a fleet of large commercial fishing trawlers and reefer transport vessels, we are able to assure the regular supply of frozen fish for local markets throughout West Africa, where fish is a vital and major food source.

Our partner’s trawlers for whom we supply services, fish in high seas well away from coastal waters. This ensures our activities do not impact the livelihoods of local fishing villages and the artisanal fishing on which they depend.

We observe permitted fishing quotas at all times, ensuring legal compliance in all relevant jurisdictions and enforcing sustainability. We make certain that trawlers do not overfish, and that the fish stock preservation regulations of each country are maintained.

We are also active in preventing illegal fishing activities which could harm the marine bioresources, recognising that this threatens the vital ecosystem and natural habitats on which our entire industry depends.

We have in place the legal and administrative infrastructure to be able to support trawlers in securing all required permits and quotas.

We also control a comprehensive logistics chain capable of enabling trawlers of this size to operate in the region without interruption.

This includes provision of a reefer transport vessel loading base where trawlers can seamlessly discharge their catch without wasting time and fuel by having to depart far from the fishing grounds.

Our operations in these waters provide outstanding demonstrations both of the breadth of our industry expertise and capability, and of our determination to build value for our partners on the high seas.

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